ITV 67 | How to Close a Conflict Even When it is Not Resolved {conflict resolution 6 of 6}

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Here’s the thing in conflict. It doesn’t always get completely resolved. You don’t always feel 100% restored. So, how do you move forward? We say, close with care.

Hear or watch all about the strategy that helps you close with care in Strengths after your conflict conversation {even if you’re still upset!}.


  • Be comforted by the reality we can live well and care well even when our conflict is not 100% resolved
  • Hear how a red crayon can teach us all about zeroing on uniqueness, even when we are still upset
  • Learn from Jimmy Carter’s high standard of care, amidst the flaws
  • Make the choice to close with care in affirmation by using their Strengths to inject a positive experience into their day

{Throughout this Isogo TV Podcast series, we have been talking about the companion tool — Strengths Based Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan — so since this is our LAST episode in this series, be sure to pick up your path + chart your conflict + figure out what your next step to resolution is!}



This series has been a good one for me…to continue to teach myself. I have been walking a conflict and have been convicted to continue to go back to these principles and use the Strengths perspective and the lessons of Truth to not allow the conflict to drive a wedge in the relationship.

Closing with care is not easy for me. My mind keeps wandering back to the infraction, the injustice, the hurt. Yet, when I reorient my mind toward her worth and Strengths and bring grace to the table, I make another step toward resolution {plus being more consistent about actually DOING the activities in this series!}.

Next week, we’ll wrap up this Conflict Resolution by our Strengths series on the blog with an article that will bring all the episodes together. Then, in two weeks, I am thrilled to be staged to bring you the first ever Isogo TV interview series where we bring you the Stories of life change through the power of people’s unique and brilliant Strengths.

See you there!



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