Make ONE Change in Your Balance {balance series 7 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 52

Last week, as our family continued to settle into the new RHYTHM of our lives—in a new town, new state, new role, new community, new…everything!—I realized I was overcomplicating it.

I was trying to focus on the thousand things that need to get done or need to fall into place, where instead, my best strategy would actually involve ONE change at a time.

Once I shifted my focus to that ONE change, a peace came over the entire process!

Today, in the seventh Episode of our 8-part Isogo TV Miniseries on Balance, we all get to choose the one change in our “whirlwinds” that will make the biggest difference in our Balance…and then go for it!

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In Episode 52 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Learn the 2 key truths about change that you need to know in order make a true impact on the balance in your life.
  • See the way I used all 6 balance concepts {from parts 1-6} to make one change in my life that significantly impacted my own life-balance.
  • Use the foundations of balance to come up with the ONE change in your life that will make the biggest impact on your rhythm—and commit!

{We are only 2 episodes away from wrapping up our series, so if you have not downloaded your FREE Balance Checklist…grab that now! It helps you keep track of your own progress on finding a more meaningful rhythm in your family and work. Find it at}

If you are just jumping in to join us in our Isogo TV Podcast miniseries on Balance, be sure to check out the previous SIX episodes. This episode will make much more sense if you have a taste of the prior episodes too! A quick short cut to each episode is provided in the LINKS section just below.

You can also read all about the changes and value we have planned for the entire Isogo TV Season 2, right here. It’s all based on your feedback {which we so value!}, so we’re excited to make it even more relevant for you!

Be sure to follow along with the FREE Balance CHECKLIST…and use your Strengths to achieve the ideal Rhythm for your life!

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Next week, in Episode 53our final episode on Balance—we tackle one final aspect of truly maintaining balance in your life. It can all be summed up in the acronym R.E.S.T….so be sure to join us and wrap up the series together!

See you next week on Isogo TV!



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The Psychology of Change

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