Pull in a Partner to Help Keep the Rhythm {balance series 6 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 51

Balance Episode 51 Step 6

There is nothing quite as powerful to achieving life-balance as bringing in a partner to help along the way.

We launched this series about Life-Balance because of the overwhelmingly unanimous response I got about the most challenging things to manage in life right now—you all came up with a similar struggle—that struggle for a sense of balance.

Balance, as we said back in Episode 46 is an unattainable mirage.

Balance requires that every piece be in the right place, and if one is off, the whole things topples over

So, we’re going instead for a rhythm—a pattern of movement in our lives that is consistent with our values, priorities, and the biggest YESes in our lives.

Today, in the sixth Episode of our 8-part Isogo TV Miniseries on Balance, we get to chat about the power of community and its role in getting to—and maintaining—that ideal rhythm in your life.

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In Episode 51 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Hear a personal example of partnership from our marriage…in a moment of true overwhelm!
  • Unpack the 4 Key Roles that a partner plays in the balance in YOUR life
  • Get your own ideas about the best partners in your life through 3 examples of partnership from own life.

{Throughout this Balance Miniseries, we have been referencing the FREE Balance Checklist that helps you keep track of your own progress on finding a more meaningful rhythm in your family and work, so be sure to get yours at}

If you have missed any of the previous 5 Episodes, be sure to check them out—the first about redefining our definition of “balance”, the second about setting an enticing vision, the third about identifying what is “off” in our worlds, the fourth about discovering what energizes and drains, and the fifth about getting to the biggest “yeses” in our lives!

You can also read all about the changes and value we have planned for the entire Isogo TV Season 2, right here. It’s all based on your feedback {which we so value!}, so we’re excited to make it even more relevant for you!

Be sure to follow along with the FREE Balance CHECKLIST…and use your Strengths to achieve the ideal Rhythm for your life!

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Next week, in Episode 52, we boil it all down to taking one simple {but not always easy I suppose!} step to really achieving your ideal rhythm! So be sure to pick up with us again in the next Episode!

See you next week on Isogo TV!



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