The Top 3 Ways to Make your Marriage Date Night a Success {marriage series 7 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 60

StrengthsFinder IsogoTV Marriage series episode 60 feature

When we got married years ago, we thought for sure we would schedule a weekly date night. Well…17+ years later, we are still figuring out how to make it work!

And the reason we’re still working at it is because we know regular time together—away from the marital business partnership that is a part of our everyday lives—is foundational to connecting more deeply.

Once we do get that date night on the calendar, we do not waste it on calendars and checkbooks!

Today, in part 7 of our 8-episode Isogo TV Podcast Marriage Miniseries we are diving into the top 3 ways to make our marriage date nights a success, so we can connect more deeply with that one we committed to from the beginning.


In Episode 60 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Get out of the business and face-in-phone mentality that plagues many date nights
  • Learn the 3 best ways to make your date night a true place for connection
  • Get access to a fun NEW tool that brings intentional and meaningful insights to your date night

{Throughout this series, we have been pointing you toward the 34 Ways to Connect FREE PDF resource over at so if you don’t already have it, but sure to download your copy!}

At the heart of every date night is meaningful connection.

Use this fun and thought provoking Dare to Dialogue card deck to ask Strengths-oriented questions of your spouse and nurture your marriage as you do. The deck has received rave reviews among home and work users alike!

Dare to Dialogue Ad Image

Also remember the FREE 34 Ways to Connect resource we have been talking about…in one page, learn specific, unique ways to connect with your spouse, based on his/her StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths.

StrengthsFinder 34 connect marriage resource

Next week, we get into our final episode of the Isogo TV Marriage miniseries. In the eighth and final episode, we get to explore the 5 secret ways to meet your spouse’s needs.

It is game changing, so be sure not to miss it…on Isogo TV!



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