Create the Perfect Surprising Moment for Your Spouse {marriage series 6 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 59

StrengthsFinder Isogo TV episode 59 feature

Because of the way you are wired through your Strengths, there are certain surprising moments and actions your spouse can take that leave you delighted and thrilled.

Have you felt it??

When your guy or your gal hits on those things, you just fill up with happiness inside…and it takes you one step toward each other instead of away.

Today, in part 6 of our 8-episode Isogo TV Podcast Marriage Miniseries we chat energetically through a fun one! We get to figure out how to surprise and delight our spouses in a personalized way.

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In Episode 59 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Learn about the power of creating a surprising moment—both large and small
  • Hear specific examples of how David’s Strengths played into the best gift ever {and into simpler surprises too!}
  • Get the specific tool you need to create your own surprising and delighting experience for your spouse

{Throughout this series, we have been pointing you toward the 34 Ways to Connect FREE PDF resource over at and in this episode, we’re highlighting it, so be sure to download your copy}

To create those surprising and delighting moments that are unique to your spouse, their most natural Talents—their Strengths—are of the utmost importance!

While David and I use several different frameworks to help us emphasize strength and see the good in each that we want to honor, StrengthsFinder is by far my favorite.

So, if you and/or your spouse have not already done so, take StrengthsFinder today! It is the perfect first step in connecting more deeply with him or her!

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Also, remember the FREE 34 Ways to Connect resource we have been talking about…in one page, learn specific, unique ways to connect with your spouse, based on his/her StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths.

And in this case, it is the exact tool you need to create that surprising experience for your spouse!

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Next week, as we jump into our second to last episode in this Marriage miniseries…all about making your marriage date night a success…and thinking of something real to talk about!

See you next week on Isogo TV!



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