{What Came out of Crisis, Theme 4 of 4} The Pivot in Humanity

pivot in humanity

It doesn’t have to be huge. The pivot in humanity is made up of a million different small things that families and leaders and friends and teammates are choosing to hold onto.

Things that they did not have before COVID-19.

Games with the family, a new morning routine, walking to take-out dinner and back, a practice of gratitude.

The individual actions are small.

But together they will make a huge impact.

Throughout the 12 interviews in the Strengths in Crisis Isogo TV Podcast series, from episode 108 to 119, there are four themes that kept repeating themselves in story after story.

1 :: Everyone has a story. No one has not been affected
2 :: Intentionality is what is takes to live into your your best self, especially in crisis.
3 :: Grace and kindness are the best way forward. Toward yourself and toward others.
4 :: There is a sense of a pivot in humanity that we get to be a part of.

Today, we are diving into the fourth theme: The Pivot.

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The Pivot in Humanity :: That You Get to be a Part Of

These interviews told the story of a growing sense of a pivot in humanity.

This COVID-19 crisis—we will look back on and say that the world was never the same again.

There may be some fall out, but if we let it, if we fight for it, that pivot can be for the positive, too.

Our guests shared that we need to make some changes going forward, that we don’t want to go back to business as usual.

Murray Guest in Episode 114, whose primary business was to facilitate public events, said he is doing things with his family that he has never done so consistently before.

He’s playing backgammon on the back patio with this wife during the afternoon, as they pause from work. He’s joining his kids for basketball in the driveway. He’s helping his family create memorable dinner time experiences.

And in the interview he shared, there are some things that he doesn’t want to lose from this season.

Only this extreme hardship can bring such dynamic change.

Even if we would have thought we wanted it, most are not brave enough to choose it.

Annie Elliott who serves her community as a Kindergarten teacher in the public school system said in Episode 119 that she see this time as a turning point in how we approach education. She’s excited to be part of it because it has been much needed.

Only the forced hand could change it so dramatically.

Anna Runyan who has been CEO of an online Career Site for over 10 years says in Episode 118 that people are finally seeing what she has felt for many years — that there doesn’t have to be a sacrifice of one over the other.

She said “if you want freedom, if you want flexibility…it’s possible.”

Many have just had a taste of that.

In fact, one of our listeners commented, “I feel like it’s all been a hoax for the first 15 years of my professional life, that I couldn’t be successful and be with my kids. I’m killing it at work and I’m seeing my girls more”.

Twitter was among the first to announce they are not going back to a brick and mortar building.

As Rhonda Boyle shared in Episode 112, this world crisis has been a pattern interruptor. It quickly and dramatically interrupted the pattern of our lives and our societies, sometimes with devastating effects.

So devastating and dramatic that it requires, forces, pushes, humanity to pivot.

To make something good and better out of the ash that was created.

What Action Can You Take in The Pivot Theme

What are you going to do with the interruption to your pattern?

How are you going to be a part of not sliding back into exactly the way things “used to be”?

We do want out concerts and our hugs and our sports.

But are what are you going to intentionally omit going forward? What else do you want to keep around that only surfaced from the circumstances of this crisis in your life?

It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be your one thing.

And all of those small things put together have the potential to pivot humanity toward the good.

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