ITV 119 | Strengths in Crisis with {our very own!} Annie Elliott


“I want to show my tooth to Miss Elliott, I want to show Miss Elliott!” Not more than a few moments later, Annie Elliott, a kindergarten teacher in Southern California, received an image from one of her student’s parents.

It was the photo of a proud 5 year and his first lost tooth.

On March 13, the kindergarteners of Miss Elliott’s half-day class left for home, thinking that they would return again on Monday, as usual.

An hour later, the school district sent everyone home.

And as we all know, the next few months became everything but USUAL.


2020 is far from what you expected as the year began.

Yet, here’s what we’re learning in this Strengths in Crisis series. This season, while it continues to challenge us daily, also has the potential to bring about a pivot point in humanity that leaves us stronger than ever before.

Especially as we choose to fixate on strength, instead of focusing on weakness.

We are now nearing the close of this series here on Isogo TV podcast — about using our Strengths in Crisis.

Perhaps more than any other series, the conversations we are having here are connecting to people. Thank you for sharing that with me.

They are connecting because of the willingness and vulnerability of our guests to share in the midst of struggle, not just the glowing end when we’ve all made it through.

In today’s episode — Episode 119 — you get to hear from one of Isogo’s very own, Annie Elliott.

Annie is responsible for getting everything Isogo produces out in to the world — blog posts, newsletters, etc. And for the past two years she has launched into her dream career as a teacher to kindergartners.

As you can imagine, life after mid March took on a wildly different form for Annie and all of the teachers in the elementary school where she teaches.

What an interesting time to start a teaching career!

Many of you have likely experienced the sudden jolt into crisis-schooling-at-home. Annie gives us a glimpse of the other side of the curtain — from driving 100 miles less per day to 75% attendance in class to the value of dialing her strengths up and down so they don’t drive her into the ground.

You will enjoy this chat with Annie and my hope is that you’ll also appreciate those teachers in your life just a little bit more.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 119 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

Anna Runyan LWGAD quiz



Don’t you remember, poignantly, those elementary school teachers who truly saw you, who opened your eyes to something you came to love, who smiled at you every day and believed in you?

Our kids’ teachers are carrying stress and uncertainty and trying to navigate totally new terrain, yet beneath it all, they miss our kids. They still believe in our kids and they are waiting for those moments they’ll be together again.

Thanks Annie for sharing a teacher’s story.

To connect with Annie Elliott, you can find her on LinkedIn as Annette Elliott. So find her and send her a little note of encouragement there.

In fact, consider using this moment to send a note of encouragement to the teachers who mean the most to your kids too.

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