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Every quarter, without fail, Anna Runyan posts huge sales goals with her team. They let their goals guide their weekly and daily decisions, and they have grown year over year. She has never faltered from this strategy.

Until now.

In April, with her daughters home from daycare and kindergarten, Anna, CEO of one of Forbes 35 most influential career sites, knew that her team and her clients would not be well-served by another numbers goal.

Instead, she took a brave step with her business and set two crisis-ready, non-numbers goals: serve our members and stay healthy.

While it’s a far cry from the tenacious high-focus goals of the past decade, they are goals that have touched the hearts of her community and her team, and Classy Career Girl continues to grow, within the crisis.


Just this past weekend, I was talking to a friend and industry leader who was marveling how life-altering this world-wide crisis has been. In both very tragic ways, and when you let it, some ways that he hopes he will have the courage to bring with him as we all step into the next season of unknown…coming out of quarantine.

It struck me that this sentiment has been a common theme throughout these episodes. While 2020 is FAR from what we expected as the year began, it has the potential to be a pivot point in humanity that leaves us stronger than ever before.

Especially as we choose to fixate on strength, instead of focusing on weakness.

We are now nearing the close of this unexpected series here on Isogo TV podcast — about using our Strengths in Crisis.

Perhaps more than any other series, the conversations we are having here are connecting to people. Thank you for sharing that with me.

In today’s episode — Episode 118 — you will be encouraged and amazed as Anna Runyan shares her story of Strengths in Crisis.

Since 2010, Anna has helped thousands of overwhelmed working moms plan out how to find their perfect career so that they can be happier, have more time with their family and provide for them.

As I know personally, her tenacious focus and her humble encouragement are salve for any struggling soul.

Today, she shares what life in quarantine has meant for her family and her business and how the systems and lifestyle she put into place years ago to get out of a stifling corporate role have saved her in this uncertain and unexpected time.

As a leader, she shares the huge goal-setting pivot she led with her team when the second quarter of this year was clearly not going to be what they expected. And as a mom, she shares what she discovered she needed in order to pull out of the negativity and into a thriving mode again.

You will learn from her tips, tricks and strengths as we dive in with Anna Runyan.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 118 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

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The desire for coffee dates is the thing that just keeps coming back to me. Togetherness, connection, a place to be real and talk. Perhaps coffee dates are the the route toward what we feel so devoid of in this time.

Anna Runyan and her community of over 30,000 women are coming together to help fill this void and create connection, even in distance.

If you are a woman who is considering a career transition or have ever thought about giving your own business a try, you should definitely connect with Classy Career Girl. Over on her website, you’ll find over 2,000 articles and some crazy good direction to get started. And you just may find the spark to bring your dream career to life.

She is that good.

Connect with Classy Career Girl at and over on Instagram @classycareergirl

In the coming few episodes, we are going to wrap up this series with just a couple more interviews from areas of work and life that impact us everyday — public school and healthcare.

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