ITV 117 | Strengths in Crisis with Kimberley Wiedefeld

If you know anyone who is attending college or university right now, you know that their lives have been shaken.

They have moved back home, work and study trips have been cancelled, they are removed from their friends, they are not able to walk at graduation, and they are now trying to build the gumption to finish off the year online.

Students’ lives have been uprooted.

What you might not see so visibly is that the college or university that supports them has been working around the clock — to do everything it can to help them complete the year, continue the social connection that is such an important aspect of college life, and come out both educated and thriving on the other end.

It is a crazy tough challenge.

This is true around the nation and the globe. And among them is the courageous, hard-working team at Roberts Wesleyan College.


At this point, the stress and uncertainty of this season are starting to leak into our lives like a new normal.

But it’s FAR from the life and work we expected to be living this year.

And in some ways the uncertainty and the shock of how “not normal” are lives will be after all this is over…or if there even is an after…is only growing as the weeks go by.

We are now heading toward the end of a series here on the Isogo TV podcast about Strengths in Crisis.

In today’s episode — Episode 117 — our guest gives us a glimpse into an industry that is part of the very fabric of our societies and one that is among the most rocked by this global pandemic.

Higher education. College.

Kimberley Wiedefeld is the VP of Enrollment at Roberts Wesleyan College and she is the second to join as an Isogo TV podcast guest in recent years {the other was President Deana Porterfield on Episode 72}.

Kimberley helps paint a picture of what the world of higher education faced {and continues to face} as the COVID-19 crisis developed.

Today, she shares what those first few weeks were like under the immense pressure of uncertainty and navigating uncharted waters in the world of higher education, all while working from a new home office whose french doors open to a family of young kids waiting for her to come out.

She hasn’t exactly had the time to learn a new language during this stay-at-home season.

But she does use her strengths as a language to get through tough times, build connection with her peers on the cabinet, and support the team she leads.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 117 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

kimberley wiedefeld ep116 mom quiz



There are two messages Kimberley shared that are sticking with me:

The first is this phrase: You are not going to get it right. So give yourself the OK for the re-do loop. Even expect that you’re going to need it.

The second is the idea of taking time. If your stay-at-home has felt non-stop like Kimberley and her team’s has, you are likely going to hit a wall, if you haven’t already. When the adrenaline runs off, don’t just force your way through and try to buck up. Rather, do something about it. Schedule time to do things that are life giving, to sleep, to connect with people you love. Those things will get you back on track for the hard work that is still yet to come.

I have taken these things to heart in my life in the past couple weeks, and it has made all the difference.

Kimberley Wiedefeld is not only an outstanding leader she is also a voice for access to higher education for people of all abilities.

She posts very candidly about her role as a mom to a lovely daughter with Down Syndrome and her dream that every opportunity will be open to her, and others, with Down syndrome too, including heading to college someday.

You should definitely take a minute to look her up on Instagram @kwiedefeld.

You’ll be encouraged by her spirit and authenticity there.

AND if you or a college hopeful you know wants a Western New York experience at a college who truly cares about each and every student they serve, check out Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester NY.

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