Do you want your family to thrive and your team to excel? Welcome to Isogo. Let us help you make relationships easier by fixating on strength.

As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and global healthcare organizations, the work of Isogo is “invaluable”! Families rave that with Isogo you can “find hope and a clear path in how to overcome”!

By starting from the power of your natural strengths {the things that are pre-wired to be awesome about you!}, the Isogo team leads healthcare teams, moms and families to overcome conflict, uplift each other, and truly flourish. Through virtual + live experiences, Isogo customizes coaching and workshops to your needs and goals. We can’t wait to meet you.

Amazing Clients


Becky Hammond

Founder, Growth & Success Maven

Becky has been speaking the language of CliftonStrengths® StrengthsFinder® in life, on the page, on stage, and at work for over 12 years. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, she empowers individuals and teams to center their unique strengths to grow and succeed. She thrives on writing, team building, creating useful resources, “ah-ha” moments, connecting over coffee, podcasting, adventuring with the fam…and a healthy dose of chocolate.



• 14 years of health-related industry experience, the majority in management & leadership

• 6+ years coaching, training, and consulting

• One of the original 150 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

• MBA & Master of Health Sector Management from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State

• BA Psychology Summa Cum Laude from Azusa Pacific University

Becky's Top 5 Strengths

As a teenager, my dad warned me not to "burn the candle at both ends." Turns out that was an early sign of strength (we both had no idea). A decade later, I put a word to that talent and began to see how weilding it intentionally it could be used to make relationships easier and drive success. The same is true for you.


I make lists, get energy from managing several things at once, set my alarm on weekends, burn the candle on both ends and have been described as the "pusher" in my family. (In the most loving way of course!)


I have a nickname, given by those closest to me--Beck-efficiency. I can't help it, I really want things to be most efficient, and I arrange and rearrange the pieces to be sure we get there.


Ceramics, html, trumpet, radiology, fitness, parenting, eating plants…if it comes across my path, I can’t help but follow it, devour it, and use the new knowledge to inform my decisions and next steps.


I am a champion for a mission I believe in. So, if it has to do with human uniqueness and value, sign me up as your biggest advocate.


In one flash of a moment, I see how the pieces in front of me fit into the bigger picture of yesterday, today or tomorrow. I know they all have a reason, and it often leaves me with goosebumps!

Meet David Hammond


David is a futurist and a dreamer, a discerner of truth and a singer of showtunes. As a decorated Navy attorney, he traversed the world from Iraq to Japan to the Arabian Gulf to defend freedom and keep sailors out of trouble. He has always been a foundational part of the Isogo team, and now serves as a content strategist, videographer, and chief future officer. If you see any great idea from Isogo, it likely started with him.



Life is void without solid relationships. The more authentic and transparent the relationships are, the better life will feel. I thrive when I have deep, regular 1-1 relationships around me, both in my family with my wife and kids, and in my work with my peers, leaders and team.

I thrive in chaos and do my best work where there are dynamic moving parts and where there are people to lead or trunks to organize. I love organizing and making things interesting. I prefer a different day, every day.
I see everything through the lens of the past. From my parenting to my worldview to my current favorite Spotify playlist, the history matters and i remember it pretty darn well.
The future is my favorite place to live. I cannot help but cast a vision for the future because it is what I see when I wake up and see my kids around me or read the news or think about our business. I create big goals and little goals, and they are what drive me to achieve.
What I do and what I am involved in matters to me. Love it or hate it, faith and family always come first. And that focus helps me to show up every day and give my very best to the mission.

Meet Annie Elliott


Annie supports individuals and teams in discovering their talents and developing healthy, Strengths-based lives, here at Isogo and in her role as a kinder teacher. She grew from a shy kid that loved playing piano and reading mystery novels, to a motivated teen loving all things school, tennis, and band. Now she fills her time finding new books to read, tending to her quaint flower and vegetable gardens, and enjoying the sunshine with a cup of tea every morning.


I am known for my intense desire for organization and order, it keeps me at peace to know everything is in its place.
People that know me will agree that I am forthcoming and honest. I am loyal and I won’t hesitate to speak up if I find something lacks integrity.
If you want to talk, I have ears that love to listen. Deep, genuine relationships keep my heart full.
Planning gives me an energy I can’t compare—it lights a fire in me that helps push me through the doubts of decision making (because I really don’t like making decisions!).
Everyone is capable of what they put their heart and mind to, and I find so much joy in seeing people overcome adversity, celebrate triumphs and watch their dreams unfold.