{What Came out of Crisis, Theme 3 of 4} The Grace that Gives Hope

the grace that gives hope

It’s kind of a spiritual word. It certainly is for me. Yet the Grace it takes to lead well and live well in a time of crisis is showing up in more than just a spiritual world.

Leaders, parents, friends, teammates are all coping through grace — giving themselves and others a break. Realizing that you and the people around you are not going to get it right the first time, or maybe even the fifth time.

Impact of this global magnitude requires a response to match it. The leaders in the Strengths in Crisis series say that the response is Grace.

Throughout the 12 interviews in the Strengths in Crisis Isogo TV Podcast series, from episode 108 to 119, there are four themes that kept repeating themselves in story after story.

1 :: Everyone has a story. No one has not been affected
2 :: Intentionality is what is takes to live into your your best self, especially in crisis.
3 :: Grace and kindness are the best way forward. Toward yourself and toward others.
4 :: There is a sense of a pivot in humanity that we get to be a part of.

Today, we are diving into the third theme: The Grace.


The Grace that Gives Hope :: Toward Yourself and Others

Of all the themes, this one surprised me most.

As we closed up each interview, our guests shared a tip or advice based on their experience.

More often than not, the theme of grace and kindness surfaced.

{So much so that Murray Guest and I hosted an entire free training on leading with grace through our Leaders Who Give a Damn program. If you’re interested in that webinar, reach out, and I’ll get you access.}

Melissa Jill in Episode 115 said, give yourself and others grace. And she said this in the midst of yet another let down as she runs her album design company that serves wedding photographers.

Kimberley Wiedefeld in Episode 117, who had been running non-stop in the world of higher education leadership, reminded us that we’re not going to get it right–AND that it is OK to schedule a break. She herself scheduled a break when one morning she just couldn’t imagine harnessing the energy she needed to excel in the day.

Dr. Patricia Beals who is a Director in a large healthcare system said in Episode 116, quite simply, breathe. It’s like the simple act of taking in a deep breath and slowly exhaling is the act of receiving grace and letting it out to others.

Amanda Flisher, in Episode 113, who is a Self Leadership coach, reminded us to control only what we can control and let go of the rest.

And the list goes on.

These leaders did not get together and discuss key takeaways from their experience.

Yet they all agree.

They have taken different paths to get there, with different stumbling blocks and victories and values, yet they all arrived at the same place:

That by offering and receiving grace for ourselves and toward other people, we can feel a calm in the storm.

We can make peace out of chaos. We can make good out of trouble.

And we can have hope.

What Action Can You Take in The Grace Theme

How about you?

What is your perspective on the importance of offering grace to yourself and to others as a strategy for peace in crisis?

Do you do try to extend a grace filled perspective when you don’t get it right the first time, when the outcome you were hoping for isn’t nailed, or when others disappoint you?

This is a strategy that is magnified in crisis, clearly.

And it is a strategy that I hope will always remain.

As we offer grace, we offer peace and hope in the struggle, too.

{To catch all four themes in their entirety on the Isogo TV Podcast, find us on your favorite podcast or video app, or click directly to Episode 120 here}


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