{What Came out of Crisis, Theme 2 of 4} The Intention it Takes


You’re busy and balancing more than you ever have been. The integration of life and work and school and facing the uncertainty of what our “new normal” is has taken a toll. Yet, those who are thriving have the Intention set out in the midst of the challenge and storm.

You are wired with incredible, natural elements for thriving, for understanding your ruts or your overwhelm and for getting out of them.

But it takes Intentionality, the intention to sit on the front porch and talk about or think about who you are through your strengths and how they are showing up {or not!} through crisis and beyond.

Throughout the 12 interviews in the Strengths in Crisis Isogo TV Podcast series, from episode 108 to 119, there are four themes that kept repeating themselves in story after story.

1 :: Everyone has a story. No one has not been affected
2 :: Intentionality is what is takes to live into your your best self, especially in crisis.
3 :: Grace and kindness are the best way forward. Toward yourself and toward others.
4 :: There is a sense of a pivot in humanity that we get to be a part of.

Today, we are diving into the second theme: The Intention.

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The Intention It Takes :: To Live Your Best Self Through Your Strengths

Many guests, on air or after, told me how meaningful it was to be “forced” to think about the COVID-19 situation and the way their strengths have shown up — to help them or to hinder them, to thrive or to feel stifled.

If you listened to the the entire series, you could not forget the jaw dropping story of TyAnn Osborn in Episode 109, who, within a matter of days lost every single contracted event on her calendar. She was mid-air to an event when it was suddenly no longer happening.

Similarly, our guest in Episode 111, Erin Passons, shared that most of her work vanished by mid march, and a schedule that is usually filled with suitcases and airplanes was now filled with a front porch and Netflix.

Both of these incredible facilitators and speakers are strengths experts, yet they both commented on air how necessary it was to take an intentional pause in order to really truly explore their strengths.

When they did, the discovered the root of their disappointment and the need to find other outlets to be able to feel like themselves again.

Like Ty’s strength of SIGNIFICANCE needs an audience. And from the rural plains of Texas, audiences are more difficult to come by.

Like Erin’s WOO/STRATEGIC combo that thrives on being with people and strategizing life and work’s next steps that were left feeling pretty deflated and unfulfilled.

These are realizations they couldn’t have and wouldn’t have had but for intentional reflection.

Taking time to think and talk through how they are still offering their best to the world, even in crisis, and how they just might need to stretch in other ways.

What Action Can You Take in The Intention Theme

So, how about you?

Have you taken intentional time to sit on the front porch to talk and think through how you feel in this time, even as we’re slowly emerging from it?

And then to take it one step further to connect how you are feeling and doing to your strengths and talents?

Those strengths and talents are like turnkeys that you can use to understand your mental and emotional state and make a difference in how you show up and what you offer to the people around you.

And as you’re intentional you may just find out that it is different in this crisis than it is or has been in other points in your life.

It takes the Intention.

{To catch all four themes in their entirety on the Isogo TV Podcast, find us on your favorite podcast or video app, or click directly to Episode 120 here}


Do you know what advantage your greatest strengths give YOU in crisis and beyond?

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