{What Came out of Crisis, Theme 1 of 4} The Story We All Share

the story we all share

The story is powerful.

Each story is real heartfelt and authentic and almost entirely in the MIDDLE. Each story is not tied up in a pretty bow — like this is what I went through and this is how I came out stronger.

Rather each is mid struggle, mid uncertainty.

And yet, each story is beautiful and real and encouraging even in the middle. Or maybe because they are in the middle.

Throughout the 12 interviews in the Strengths in Crisis Isogo TV Podcast series, from episode 108 to 119, there are four themes that kept repeating themselves in story after story.

1 :: Everyone has a story. No one has not been affected
2 :: Intentionality is what is takes to live into your your best self, especially in crisis.
3 :: Grace and kindness are the best way forward. Toward yourself and toward others.
4 :: There is a sense of a pivot in humanity that we get to be a part of.

Today, we are diving into the first theme: The Story.

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The Story We All Share :: No one is not affected

Everyone has a story to tell because NO ONE has not been affected by the coronavirus and the unprecedented global shutdown.

Maureen Monte in Episode 110 tells a powerful story of the relief she felt as her life slowed down. She certainly wasn’t callous to the hurt that is happening around the globe but for the first time, she had an outside reason that slowed her down.

She shared a story from pre-COVID times when she was driving near the Canadian border and found herself accidentally on the non-US side.

As she talked with officials, she didn’t say, but had the thought that a night or two in prison would be a welcomed break.

Talk about a life of stress!

And yet, the COVID experience slowed her down and forced her to think about what was good about her life pre-COVID and what she might like to change, and how she can continue to give.

She even promised we could be ACHIEVER balance accountability partners so I’ll have to follow up on that one.

The most halting part of Maureen’s story comes in the weeks AFTER her episode posted.

Despite the best attempts to stay isolated and safe, she herself came down with COVID-19. She was house bound for two weeks and miserable.

In our interview, she talked about the power of fear and what to do about it.

When she finally came out of the worst of her own coronavirus, this is what she said:

Remember I said I wasn’t afraid to get the virus? I wasn’t, and even in the worst of it, I had moved from fear to “What do I do now?”

Wow, that’s a crazy opportunity to live out what she said she believes. And she really did believe it and live it.

There are SO many other powerful stories — in fact there are 12 because there were 12 interviews in the series.

And if there were 24 interviews in the series, there would be 24 different powerful stories, because everyone has a story.

No one is not affected.

What Action Can You Take in The Story Theme

So, what have you been doing to collect stories?

To get to know the stories of the people around you?

Do you know how your neighbor’s lives have been changed? What they are concerned about even still to this day? What is different for them and what good or sorrow they have felt?

If so, wonderful, keep listening and reacting.

If not, what a gift you would be to the people around you as you seek out their stories and their perspectives.

Everyone has a Story.

{To catch all four themes in their entirety on the Isogo TV Podcast, find us on your favorite podcast or video app, or click directly to Episode 120 here}


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