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All of his live events were cancelled, and his kids came flooding home from university, high school and primary school. His wife’s home office was bursting at the seams. Suddenly Murray Guest worked from a house that was full to the brim, most moments of most days.

It could be stifling and unnerving, and there were certainly moments of overwhelm in those early days, but for Murray Guest, a top-notch coach with deep client relationships and a close friendship with each in his family, this crisis is instead filled with moments he will savor for months and years to come.


In this Strengths in Crisis series, you have been hearing from leaders, coaches, parents, and spouses, about the experiences they have had, the tools they have used, and the strengths they have seen stretch during this time of global crisis.

It is a crisis that still has a hazy end in sight, and definitely very little hope of going back to exactly the way things used to be.

Yet, like my guest and I talk through today, when we sort through the strain and stress, there are some things about this period of crisis that are worth keeping around.

In today’s episode — Episode 114 — you get to hear from the experience and stories of Murray Guest.

Murray’s life as a consultant and facilitator has been turned upside down, but the truth is, you wouldn’t really know that.

He opens up his life to us to share stories of connection in ways that otherwise wouldn’t have happened, of the ways he’s using his strengths to recalibrate his approach to work, and of promise for leaders who may just feel like this crisis is getting the best of them.

Murray’s leveled insight and wisdom come at a perfect time and you will be encouraged.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 114 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

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The story that continues to surface, from one of the best leaders Murray has ever known is this: people may not remember who you are in the good times, but they will certainly remember who you are in a time of crisis.

This advice holds both responsibility and opportunity. There is a responsibility to take advantage of this time, and an opportunity to connect with the people who matter to you and build new habits that will stick well into the future.

Murray Guest is a skilled consultant and facilitator and the host of the Inspired Energy Podcast.

PLUS he is my co-creator of an online program for leaders who want to step up their game — called Leaders Who Give a Damn.

You can and will be encouraged by connecting with Murray on his website or over on Instagram @MurrayGuest or on LinkedIn as the same — Murray Guest.

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