Quotable Quotes from 6 of the World’s Top Strengths Experts

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There is so much passion and expertise as Strengths experts from around the world spread the word that we can make relationships easier through understanding, appreciating and harnessing our strengths. That goes for the relationships that make up our work and the relationships that make up our home!

Over the past several months, through the Isogo TV Podcast interviews of Stories of Change and the world influence of the soar.com community, I have experienced the mind blowing and heart impacting wisdom that these Strengths experts have to offer.

So, today, we’re rounding it up with Quotable Quotes from 6 of the World’s Strengths Experts.

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“Discovering your Strengths is a journey. Taking the assessment is only the beginning.”

Kathy Kersten
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach | Owner Kersten Consulting, LLC


To hear more from Kathy and her Strengths Story, catch her on this Isogo TV Podcast interview.

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“What is one thing can you do today to feed your “XX” theme?… It doesn’t need to be big, just something where you give yourself an opportunity to indulge in your theme.”


Richard Sterry
Strengths Coach | Creator of the Cascade strengths reports

To hear more from Richard and his Strengths Story, catch him on this Isogo TV Podcast interview.

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“You can always do more than you think you can. The best things in life, are typically found outside your comfort zone.”


Jeff Williamson
President & CEO of CMG Group | Soar.com


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“This is something I have been mulling around and trying out on people I chat with throughout my work and home life, and so far, it’s really sticking. It is what the strengths perspective — truly, really living the strengths perspective — does.

Make relationships easier.”

Becky Hammond
Strengths Success Maven | Founder of Isogo


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“The key to living a fulfilling and productive life starts by using your strengths deliberately every day.”


Santor Nishizaki
Millennial and Generation Z Enthusiast | Strengths & Productivity Coach


annamarie mann headshot“On valuing complementary partnerships, which my husband is my best one! “He’s everything I never knew I needed.””

“People used to tell me I think too much, which only made me think more. Rather than judging myself for thinking too much, I decided to accept that I think as much as I think, and that is a gift.

Annamarie Mann
Workplace & Human Development Coach | Consultant

To hear more from Annamarie and her Strengths Story, catch her on this Isogo TV Podcast interview.


If you missed the first round up of Quotable Quotes from 8 of the World’s Strengths Coaches, be sure to check that out as well.

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