Quotable Quotes from 8 of the World’s Top Strengths Coaches

StrengthsFinder Quotable Quotes

In every chance encounter and every pre-scheduled lunch date, I find myself soaking in the wisdom that emanates around me. I suppose my own Connectedness and Learner talent combo are a sponge for the experiences and insights of others, but there are just some folks who deserve to be heard.

In these short quips from the minds of the most brilliant Strengths coaches and consultants, you will find truth and insight about leadership, performance, and the power and meaning of a Strengths perspective.

I am proud to call Amanda, Murray, Lisa, Steven, Alissa, Marc, Brandon and Erin friends who all see the genius of who people are and use it to create life-changing stories all around them–each in their unique way!

So, have a thoughtful time with a quick read of these Strengths Quotes from 7 of the Top StrengthsFinder coaches I know!


StrengthsFinder Amanda Flisher

You can’t be anything you want because you were given specific gifts that are only meant for you. So if you are looking to be most successful, authentic or confident, then the bravest thing you can do is to become MORE YOU.

Amanda Flisher | Personal & Professional Development Coach


StrengthsFinder Murray Guest


Strengths enable conversations that matter.


Murray Guest | Coach :: Consultant :: Facilitator
Inspire My Business



StrengthsFinder Lisa Cummings


Notice what works…to get more of what works.


Lisa Cummings | CEO & Chief Strengths Sleuth
Lead Through Strengths

StrengthsFinder Steven Beck


Talent in action integrates our brain and our heart, and can be a catalyst for more courage.


Steven Beck | Consultant
Steven Beck Consulting

StrengthsFinder LifeChange Checklist Ad Image

StrengthsFinder Alissa Carpenter


Always start with a “no” and try to convince yourself “yes.”


Alissa Carpenter
Career Discovery & Personal Development Coach
Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK


StrengthsFinder Marc Otto

There are always at least two gaps to close. The performance gap, which too many people focus on, and the needs gap.  The needs gap is not only more important to understand and work with, but closing the needs gap is also a great way to drive performance. Your Strengths predict those needs.


Marc Otto | Lead Consultant
Strengths Consulting Group

StrengthsFinder Brandon Miller

Self-Awareness is the new currency of Leadership. The more you have, the more effective you are as a leader. The most effective leaders, know their Strengths, and call on the right Strength as the right time to gain the best results.

Brandon Miller | CEO
34 Strong Inc.



StrengthsFinder Erin Passons

My favorite quote is something Don Clifton used to say: ‘Let’s not waste time trying to be well-rounded; instead let’s figure out what we’re great at and sharpen it…individuals should be sharp, but a team should be well-rounded.’ To me this is the essence of why a focus on Strengths is so powerful. Which of your talents would you like to sharpen?

Erin Passons
Passons Consulting


Short of a coffee and conversation with these wonderful coaches yourself, perhaps this has been a little slice of them through their best one-liner Strengths quotes.

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9 Steps to Life-change through your Strengths

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