ITV 77 | Your Strengths + The Power of a Coach {Interview :: Richard Sterry}

A 200 mile journey, all for a coach. By the time you hear Richard Sterry’s story of change, you just may be willing to drive a journey for a coach as well.

Richard’s story starts off much like what I suspect is true of MOST of the 19 million people who have discovered their CliftonStrengths. You discover your Strengths almost by happenstance and then don’t do much with them.

Yet then, in HIS journey there is a moment that he drives 200 miles to experience…and it changes everything.

Based in the UK with a background in IT management, Richard is the owner of Releasing Strengths and the brilliance behind the Cascade strengths reports {coaches and managers…you’ve GOT to check this out!} and the Strengths Twins initiative.

In Episode 77, you will hear:

  • His movement from a reactive to proactive approach to life and work
  • A fantastic, real-life example about how he used the “needs” of his strengths to gain confidence and courage in a big transition
  • The transformation of the way the approaches relationships
  • The life-changing impact of finding a coach

It’s inspiring to think his process and journey could be the path that is meant for you as well.

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Often we’re not really looking for anything in particular, and then something hits and resonates and we know we should explore. In Richard’s case, it changed the trajectory and confidence in his life and work.

You can find out more about Richard Sterry and his amazing Cascade resource for coaches or managers of teams over at

And, coaches or people managers…Cascade is an AMAZING product–you should have seen how big his fan club was at the CliftonStrengths Summit this year. People’s coaching practices and the insights they can EASILY give their clients are being transformed.

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