ITV 76 | Your Strengths + Work Conversations that Change Everything {Interview :: Kat Rippy}

Step into work conversations that change your life.

If you feel like you are doing things that drain you at work — because it’s a habit or because the truth of the matter is, the job requires it — Kat Rippy’s story will give you both the inspiration and the process the make the change you need.

Kat Rippy is the CEO of Energize Leadership and the host of The Everyday Leader podcast. For more than 20 years, she has worked with organizations across the United States to improve performance.

Today, she is sharing about the difference the Strengths perspective has made in the work she chooses to do AND the work she chooses NOT to do.

In Episode 76, you will learn:

  • The magic experience that turned her StrengthsFinder results from a 10 year old report stuffed into a drawer to a game changer in achieving her career goals
  • The catalyst of change she found in her Bottom 5 Talent Themes
  • How to craft the conversations that change your work into what you need it to be for your Strengths
  • Her wisdom and experience on the freedom to need things and ask for them

StrengthsFinder Communication Resource

Kat made real change that impacted her energy and enjoyment at work, and eventually even the course of her career. This type of switch from draining work to energizing work is within your grasp too.

Listen or watch below. Or listen to the Podcast via iTunes + watch via YouTube.



The power of the Strengths perspective in Kat’s story so crystal clear. It gave her the fuel and permission to lead and work in the way she is wired…and as a result she can craft conversations that help her get there and lead to an exciting, fulfilling day-to-day life.

You can connect with Kat Rippy and her work with organizations through her company site or on LinkedIn and definitely be sure to check her wisdom and leadership interviews as the host of The Everyday Leader Podcast.

Next week, we hear from a colleague of mine and an unlikely influencer in the Strengths movement. Richard Sterry is a huge player in bringing the best of CliftonStrengths to the world. His story of change begins with listening to a book on repeat {I’m talking 10x!} and driving 100 miles for a conversation that changed his life forever.

Stay tuned!

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