ITV 87 | Equip for Hard Conversations Using Strengths {with Mark Wolfe @ Southwest Airlines}

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You know the type of conversations we are talking about. Especially if you are a leader of people.

They are the hard ones or uncomfortable ones that, really, you would rather not have at all. Maybe you even avoid them or find that pit in your stomach to be a bit much at times.

At Southwest Airlines University, they are equipping leaders to change all that. There will always be tough conversations that need to be had in order to advance the mission and stay happy at work. But they do not need to be impossible.

And that’s what Mark Wolfe of Southwest Airlines University and his team have set out to show — and lead by example they do!

Today’s guest on Isogo TV Episode 87 is Mark Wolfe.

Mark is a Sr. Instructor at Southwest Airlines University on the Leadership and Employee Training Team. He has over 25 years of HR experience and holds a dozen different certifications to help people learn and grow, love their work, and live lives that make a difference.

Today, Mark shares about what the strengths perspective and specifically what the CliftonStrengths language did to help equip their Southwest teams and help take the edge off of difficult conversations that just must be had when you are an effective leader.

Mark even leaves us with an inspiring message from their founder Herb Kelleher that has everything to do with taking a risk to be crazy — so stick around to the end to be inspired in your own journey as well.

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To be intentional. That is really where the success comes from, isn’t it?

Even from the very beginning, Mark and his team set out to be intentional in their own journeys so that they could give something of great applicable value — not just another tool — but something that could really be used by their leaders to make their jobs easier and serve their teams.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Southwest. I’m such a fan.

If you want to connect more with Mark Wolfe, you can do that over on Linked In. Be sure to spell Wolfe with an E and you’ll find him.

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