ITV 88 | From Teenager to Young Adult Using Strengths {with Ciera Tyler}

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It all started with a food fight — teenager style. Out of no where, chicken and potatoes were flying, right at her head. She was humiliated. She was confused.

And, she was mad.

Ciera Tyler took the lead on planning her school dance, and she was a natural — a pro. She could see exactly what needed to be done and how to get there. So, she told them. Like a boss.

Rather, like a bossy boss. Like a motor mouth.

Finally, her team had had a enough. In true eighth grade style, they launched their lunch in her direction, then quit the project.

As Ciera says, this was a defining moment in her life. She had no idea what went wrong.

But her parents had a clue. They had her “strengths”.

As a strong professional who is now 22 years young, today’s Isogo TV Podcast guest {Episode 88} Ciera Tyler, is already making a defining imprint on the people around her.

What is unique about Ciera is that she has been living the Strengths perspective for almost half her life already. Because of the house she grew up in, she had the chance to discover her strengths in her formative and fiery junior high years, and it changed everything about the trajectory of her life and how she experienced her own growth through her years as a teenager.

She tells a story that we can all not only learn from but also be inspired to take action with the teenagers and tweens in our lives.

So, watch+listen below or catch her interview on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

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I wish that stories like Ciera’s were not so uncommon. That teenagers would have people around them who speak strength and truth into their lives — like Ciera’s parents did — who push back when they need to and encourage them to lean into their unique wiring.

We would live in such a different world if that were true.

And it could be true. It truly is possible to support a generation of teenagers who know and love and use their strengths for good and good purpose.

You and I just have to act, to shift our own perspectives, and to call out the right instead of belaboring the wrong.

We need to do it now.

Ciera would be thrilled to connect with you over on Instagram or LinkedIn at the handle: @cieratyler or over on her website

She’s a talented speaker with a voice teenagers and junior highers need to hear.


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