ITV 81 | Parenting Breakthroughs Using Strengths {with Analyn Miller}

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They were not connecting with their teenaged kids. At least not in the way they expected to. Or wanted to. They were scrambling for solutions to the symptoms they were seeing. For one child it’d work like flying colors. For another, it’d bounce off like a brick wall.

They needed a new approach to parenting. What they discovered truly worked. For all their kids.

Today’s Isogo TV podcast guest is Analyn Miller.

Analyn and her husband Brandon are successful business owners and the parents of seven children, spanning two generations. {I had to think about that one for a minute — I hardly knew that was possible!}

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Analyn owns and operates The Analyn Miller Group—a real estate company. And as a hands-on mother, Analyn also weaves together the priorities and strengths of the entire Miller family, to facilitate a dynamic and intentional home culture.

What is exciting about today’s episode — Isogo TV Podcast Episode 81 — is you get to see how that home culture has been transformed by understanding and then — much by trial and error that she explains — implementing a strengths-oriented perspective.

And THIS MONTH she and Brandon are launching their new book Play to Their Strengths all about a new approach to parenting.

So, watch+listen below or catch her interview on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, or Stitcher.

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You can connect more with Analyn and Brandon Miller at and see the type of work they are doing to help families feel connect with each other through their strengths.

Also, their book is incredibly practical. It is filled with stories and strategies for HOW to make a strength-based parenting approach a true reality. A worthy read.

Check it out here.

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