ITV 86 | Building Confidence + Productivity Using Strengths {with Santor Nishizaki}

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Could it be that even someone with a proven track record, success at every level, and an unabashed drive to win could find a lack of confidence at his core? When you meet this guy, you’ll find it unlikely.

Yet, that’s not what his story says.

Dr. Santor Nishizaki has a rich background in the corporate and quasi-governmental worlds and is the Founder and CEO of the Mulholland Consulting Group, LLC., whose mission is to help organizations increase generational awareness and create a happier workplace.

Dr. Nishizaki is also an MBA professor and has published domestic and international articles about Millennials in the workplace, mentoring, and leadership. He is an expert in working with generation Z, and is currently writing a book about it that will be released later next year.

And, check this out, Santor just completed his quest to interview over 100 Millennial leaders from multiple industries, in order to write a “how to” guide for first-time and emerging leaders.

Today he shares about how “asking what is right” with himself and the people around him has paved the way for not only removing the bias amongst generations and building happier workplaces, but personally giving him a better sense of confidence as a young leader and a level of productivity he had never yet before achieved.

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It sounds so simple — to be deliberate about knowing and applying your strengths — yet what discipline and commitment he has shown to see such inspiring outcomes and feelings in his life — and that you can experience in your life too.

You can get to know Dr. Santor Nishizaki over on LinkedIn, so be sure to connect with him there.

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