5 Disruptive Ways to Become a Better Leader This Year {with Marc Otto}

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If you are a great leader, chances are you want to be a better leader tomorrow than you are today. Even greater chances are that you have tried more than a strategy or two to sharpen your skills, to be more revered, to be more effective, and to be more impactful in your role as a leader.

Your leadership will get the boost it needs just by taking ONE of these five disruptive ways to become a better leader and making it your own.

Marc Otto, principal and owner at Strengths Consulting Group, has performed thousands of interviews and advised hundreds of the best leaders {and some not so great!} in his role as a strengths-based consultant and coach. He’s a master data gatherer, and this past year he has found five common threads shared by the best leaders.

If you want to be a better, more disruptive, more effective, more loved leader, don’t miss these five atypical ways to become a better leader.

1 :: Prioritize Internal over External

The best leaders prioritize their internal meetings over external. The message here is: put your people first. Conventional business wisdom whispers in your psyche as a leader…”customer first….customer first.”

Instead, defy external pressures and shock the status quo—put your people first. They will not only thank you for it, but they will also show up even more energetically and ready for those customers.

2 :: Be Responsive but Not Reactive

Non-anxious presence has been, and will continue to be a critical leadership skill for better leaders in the decade ahead. The most amazing c-suit executives harness confidence and integrity to respond readily and timely without making sweeping, reactive decisions that end up having to be undone or redone.

3 :: As a New Leader Disrupt with Patience

As a leader in your first year at a new company, you should only make three changes—or else, you might be the fourth.

The best disruptors learn patience and break things slowly to gain buy in, respect, and loyalty that will carry you all through the long term.

4 :: Put Your Phone Away

Freak your people out by putting your phone away and listening better than anyone else during meetings. Be present to communicate value and grow in understanding. You will gain a wise reputation as a better leader if you listen well and are slow to speak.

5 :: Sharpen Your Dashboard

Better leaders know and understand their key indicators—and they don’t get lost in the mounds of analytical factors. Instead, sharpen your dashboard.

Reduce the metrics you are evaluating and fight like mad to make sure that what you measure is really what really matters — then attack with focus.

{Thank you, Marc Otto of Strengths Consulting Group, for your discerning and experienced insight about becoming a better, more disruptive leader in 2019!}

If you don’t know Marc Otto or his work, learn more at StrengthsConsultingGroup.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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