Our 6 Favorite {Strengths Themed} Blog Posts This Year

When you are using the StrengthsFinder language and the Strengths perspective, it can be transformational in your marriage, family, and work.  I appreciate the power of the StrengthsFinder assessment so much, and how using your most natural talents can be truly life-changing!

So, today I have put together a roundup of some of our favorite Strengths related posts from this year, from other wonderful members of the StrengthsFinder community {and outside of it!} The people and posts highlighted below will cover the range of using your Strengths, for those new to StrengthsFinder or not. Check out the descriptions and see for yourself about the power of using Strengths to impact your everyday work and life!

StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Blogs Maureen Monte maureen monte blog feature

Tune Your Talents and Rock

In Maureen Monte‘s post, Tune Your Talents and Rock she uses amazing analogies to compare the effectiveness of your Strengths to that of the effectiveness of an instrument when it’s used properly. One profound example Monte uses is when she draws a connection between tuning the strings on a guitar and “tuning” your Strengths. A guitar is only “effective when the strings are in tune”, the same way your Strengths are only going to truly make an impact if you have them tuned in properly. Take a look here for the rest of Maureen’s tips on how to “tune in” your Strengths!


StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Blogs Inspire My Business inspire my business feature

Stop Fixing People

If you have followed along and seen any previous IsogoTV episodes {like this one here} you may already know that one of my very favorite word pictures for the Strengths-paradigm vs the Weakness-fixation paradigm is that of a circle vs a star. In this post from the talented Strengths coach Murray Guest he talks about just that. Stop Fixing People is all about ditching the approach of making people more “well-rounded” by maintaining their strengths and working to fix their weaknesses. Building people up for who they are is so much more productive, and Murray explains why here so check it out.


StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Blogs ENOTO ENOTO feature

6 Things You Need to Know About Weaknesses

Alissa Carpenter shares an incredibly important list of ways on how to deal with “weaknesses” and explains what it means to have a non-talent {and what a non-talent actually is!}. Using Gallup’s ways to deal with and work with non talents, Alissa evaluates, defines and explains each of he 6 ways in her post, 6 Things You Need to Know About Weaknesses. She provides clear and concise ways to work through how to build strong partnerships, and how to adjust or change your role to be more in line with your natural talents. Read all her great tips here.

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StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Blogs CCG CCG feature

How to Use Your Strengths When Choosing Your Career

Classy Career Girl is known for being a “destination for ambitious women” to help them land their dream career. While I might be partial to this blog post {hint: I’m in it!}, in How to Use Your Strengths When Choosing Your Career Anna, the founder of CCG, talks with me about how using your Strengths can really help when you are trying to choose the right career. Hear Anna’s own realization about aligning her Strengths with her work, and the energy she gets {or is drained of} when she is doing certain tasks. You can also get my own take from this awesome interview here.


StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Blogs LTS lead through strengths feature

Boost Your Wellbeing Through Strengths – With Matt Swenson

This isn’t actually just a blog post, but it is an outstanding Podcast by a fellow StrengthsFinder aficionado, Lisa Cummings. In this episode from her podcast, Lead Through Strengths, she is interviewing Matt Swenson, “another StrengthsFinder all-star” that uses a stellar strategy to improve the well-being of a person as a whole rather than in parts. Matt talks with Lisa about strategies to deal with frustrating people and how to view others through a lens of Strengths, all while staying on the focus of the whole person well-being perspective. Listen to it and read more here.


StrengthsFinder Best Strengths Posts Amanda Flisher Amanda Flisher feature

If you want your dreams to work, you need this

This inspiring and relevant blog post from Amanda Flisher, a passionately talented StrengthsFinder coach, makes an important note on the value of teamwork. She explains how incredibly necessary it is, and why the presence of it makes for a more productive use of your talents, and the talents of others. Read more about how “teamwork makes the dreamwork” here.


Hopefully this roundup resonated well for you, and that you feel more connected to some of the other talented voices in the StrengthsFinder community. Let us know if there were any major takeaways you gathered from today, and want to start implementing in your life.

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Today’s blog post written by: Annie Elliott

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Links & Resources from today

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Alissa Carpenter :: 6 Things You Need to Know About Weaknesses
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Lisa Cummings :: Boost Your Wellbeing Through Strengths – With Matt Swenson
Amanda Flisher :: If you want your dreams to work, you need this
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