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Unhappily Married

Are you part of the 41% who are in a less-than-happy marriage??

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Or the 51% who are feeling pretty much totally disengaged at work?

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Learn, Love and Live your greatest Strengths to connect more deeply in your marriage and thrive with energy at work!

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A new perspective for re-energizing your marriage + energy at work  

3 Crystal Clear Ways your StrengthsFinder® Top 5 Strengths can make a dramatic impact on the connection in your marriage

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Becky Hammond here! The StrengthsFinder perspective has been TRANSFORMATIONAL in our marriage. 

There are times when I am at my wits end for understanding {or misunderstanding!} David, and the StrengthsFinder language really does feel like it unlocks a secret power of connection we did not have before. 

I would love to have YOU join me for the FREE StrengthsFinder Masterclass this FALL 2018 so you can re-energize your marriage + work, too! 

StrengthsFinder Our Marriage

Move from Strengths-novice to having a clear plan for how to use your Strengths for significant impact on your marriage and work.

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