StrengthsFinder is Life Changing | Repeat (again and again) {Step 9 of 9}

StrengthsFinder Life-change Step 9

There is a daily rhythm involved in the first 8 steps to life-change through your Strengths—in some ways they are on a never ending repeat.

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These steps are not something I have done just once or consider completely mastered—even after 10 years! {Well, maybe I can say I have mastered Step 1—that I remember my Strengths…but I still forget to put them at the forefront of my mind from time to time!}

Recently, I met with a colleague who I would describe as “all in” with her StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths. She thinks through their lens and has made something different in her life because she knows what her Strengths are, what their shadow sides are, and how to wield them and refine them.

But as she readily admits, it was not always that way.

She took StrengthsFinder, and for several years, those Top 5 Strengths just sat in a nice stack, tucked neatly away with the other personality and self-development tools she had encountered over the years. It wasn’t until she brought them back out in front of her and was challenged by a coach to see them in a different light—as a usable tool and perspective for life-change—that her life was altered by them.

From THAT point on she was on constant repeat. Know my strengths, see my strengths reflected, understand how they work, learn how to dial them in, see the value and needs they have, communicate and meet those needs. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

StrengthsFinder Life-change Step 9That “Repeat” is what has lead to the change for me as well. My effectiveness at work, as a coach, as a manager, as a spouse, as a friend, as a parent, is DRAMATICALLY impacted because I made a decision to keep these Top 5 Strengths—and the paradigm they represent—right in front of me all the time.

These 9 steps must become part of your daily heart beat because that daily heart beat is what creates the life-change.


So step #9 is pretty straightforward…repeat 1-8 over and over. On your own and in a community of others.

In review, here is a list of all 9 Steps:

{Be sure to grab your FREE 3 page fillable/printable worksheet to have your Checklist to life-change through your Strengths to keep track of your progress}

StrengthsFinder LifeChange Checklist Ad Image

Just like my colleague, often times the intervention you need is a little extra encouragement or expertise from a coach. I would love to have the chance to share my coaching tidbits with you and walk alongside you.

Right now, there are two different ways you can get started with this, both at different price points:

Maven StrengthsFinder Insights about Your Top 5 Strengths {$14} :: This is a super accessible way to get more in-depth insights into your Top 5 Strengths, and it has been getting rave reviews. Every other day for 10 days, I’ll send you an email that is tailored to one of YOUR Top 5 Strengths. It gives you my own insights based on the hundreds of folks that I have coached, as well as a short story from a friend or colleague who lives out of that Strength every day. Click  to read more about it and sign up!

StrengthsFinder Insights Personal Brand

Craft your Dynamite Personal Brand Video Course {$147} :: In this coaching-style video series, we’ll have a step by step conversation about how to identify the value you have through your Strengths and the ideal environments you need to create in order for the best parts of you to really thrive. In the end, you’ll come out with our own Dynamite Personal Brand Statement—the essence of who you are and where you’re going in one statement. And, to be sure you get what you’re hoping from it, I am happy to answer any Qs along the way. Click here to see the details of what you get when you sign up!

StrengthsFinder Personal Brand

Coming in 2017!…a video course that leads you along on the 9 Steps to life-change through your Strengths. It is going to be an awesome way to kick off your year—to make 2017 a life-changing one for you! So, stay tuned.


One of the best places to join the conversation is over at our Facebook Group — Energy Up Frustration Down by Strengths. Join us for weekly chatting, complaining and commending, as we all try to figure out just how to use our Strengths to impact the most important things around us—in our work and life.

{In the meantime, check out the FREE 3 page fillable OR printable Checklist to follow the 9 Steps to Life Change through your Strengths}

StrengthsFinder LifeChange Checklist Ad Image

StrengthsFinder Insights Personal Brand

StrengthsFinder Personal Brand

Enjoy your day, and {be strong}!

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