ITV 78 | Your Strengths + Heaps of Opportunities {Interview :: Amy Mingin}

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As a Naturopathic Yogini, Amy Mingin certainly understands the pursuit of all people to find wholeness and full wellness. Yet, a couple years ago, she found herself with a dozen started projects and just as many unrealized dreams.

When she discovered her strengths and found partnership to walk alongside her {through the talented Tammy and Murray Guest}, something small inside her expanded—a rekindled sense of self-belief.

As you’ll see in Episode 78 of the Isogo TV podcast, this self-belief continued to expand and opened into — as she says — heaps of opportunities. Along the way she learned to not allow old habits to force her to give UP on her dreams but rather give OVER those things that fall outside her strongest talents.

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Amy’s story is so down to earth and honest, and she has dreams in the making that just might intersect with yours. And who knows…maybe there are heaps of opportunities in store for you too!

You can find out more about Amy Mingin at and can connect with her over on Facebook and Instagram.

Amy has expertise, passion and a true capacity to help women reach whole health. Connect with her to learn more about her practice, her Naturopathic Yoga course, and her ability to help you thrive.

Next week, we round out our 2018 Interview Stories of Change with a personal career journey that was dramatically affected by knowing and understanding…and using his Strengths…even when they were NOT being asked for!

So be sure join us next week on Isogo TV.

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