Eradicate Frustration in Your Team PART 3 :: Hold It Together | Isogo TV Episode 39

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Think about the best team you have ever been a part of. It immediately brings a smile to your face or a lighter feeling to your chest.

It probably will not take long to identify some of the aspects that made that team so amazing.

Undoubtedly, some of these things top the list:

Worked well together.
Sense of cohesion.
Enjoyed being together.
Appreciated each other.

Yes, elements of a great team also include being able to get to the goal together, but when you think back, it is often the relationships—the people—that carried you there.StrengthsFinder Relationship Music Note

This week, in Part 3 of our Isogo TV Series on Eradicating the Frustration in Your Team, we are exploring the seat on the bus filled by the glue of the team. These are the intuitive, accepting, and caring ones among us who hold it all together—to make the team greater than the sum of its parts.

It is my personal experience and the experience of almost every team I have worked with that those who fill this Relationship seat get a bad rap. Their natural tendencies to care and connect are often overlooked as powerful business assets that they are.

The truth is, we NEED these people (I have only recently settled on this myself!).

Our teams fall apart without them.

So, join me for Episode 39 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast as we Eradicate Frustration in Your Team Part 3 :: Hold it Together. I share the true edge to these relational team-makers, and I share an example of a truly stellar leader, who so naturally and effortlessly holds it all together in every meeting I have experienced with her.

Be sure to get caught up with the other “seats on the bus.” Check out the roles of our Driver in Part 1 (as well as the introduction to the entire metaphor) and our Influencer in Part 2.

As for today, let’s dive in!

So, what do you think? Do you relate to this gal?

StrengthsFinder Relationship Quad

Or do you see the Relationship power in someone you work closely with? Without the “glue,” our teams would fall apart and function at a level much lower than our potential, so let’s encourage them to be more of who they already are and bring it to our teams.

I want to help you succeed and grow. So, connect with me with any questions, excitements or skepticism you have…I’d love to connect with you over on Facebook or Twitter, both @IsogoStrong or by this handy little contact form.

Until next time! Be Strong!



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