Eradicate Frustration in Your Team Part 2 :: Be Heard | Isogo TV Episode 38

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It is not just a pipe dream. Reduced frustration at work can actually happen.

There is certainly no magic wand, as one of my manager clients reminded me recently. It takes some dedicated, intentional work. But it’s absolutely possible.

And it’s simpler than you think.

This week, I’m am sharing Part 2 of our four-part Isogo TV series on the simple yet profound metaphor that has been game changing for the organizations I have worked with—your place on the BUS.

They have begun to Eradicate Frustration in their teams, and you can too. Really.

If you are familiar with StrengthsFinder, you might know that Gallup’s subsequent research has honed in on the way people use their Strengths to lead. Specifically, they identified four domains of leadership that are used by the most effective and successful leaders.

What is most striking about this research is that the most effective leaders do not lead out of ALL FOUR domains, rather the most successful lead from one or two of these domains, and build teams that mitigate for the others.

Last week, we sat behind the shoulder of the Driver of the Bus—to see his skill in getting us to the goal, taking note of the details along the way.StrengthsFinder Influencing Megaphone

Today, we are exploring the next seat. And while, this person absolutely has a seat on the bus, she might not necessarily be in it. She is helping the team be heard and rallying support to get the job done.

So, join me today on Episode 38 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast where I share the metaphor and mindset that will Eradicate Frustration in your Team PART 2 :: Be Heard. You’ll hear the ins and out of this Influencing powerhouse, and I share the brilliance of a dear friend who lives dramatically & effectively from this seat on the Bus (or out of the seat, as the case may be!).

So, let’s dive in!

So, what do you think? Do you relate to this gal?

StrengthsFinder Leadership Domains Influencing Quad

Or do you see the Influencing power in someone you work closely with? Without these Influencers, we cannot effectively be heard or get fully on board, so let’s encourage them to be more of who they already are and bring it to our teams.

I want to help you succeed and grow. So, connect with me with any questions, excitements or skepticism you have…I’d love to connect with you over on Facebook or Twitter, both @IsogoStrong or by this handy little contact form.

Until next time! Be Strong!



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