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There is almost nothing more aggravating, more frequent, or less efficient than a simple miscommunication.

And as frequent as they are, they are still mind-blowing to me. You’d think I’d learn.

After a miscommunication has played out completely, and the end is nothing like I envisioned, the story in my head often runs wild…I am fairly confident, no I am 100% confident, I was perfectly clear. How could you have missed that??!?

As a small business owner, the poor soul on the other end of my crazy-making story is often my husband—business partner extraordinaire {who also happens to have a full-time job and be an awesome father, amongst a bazillion other responsibilities}.

What?! You grabbed the diapers, refilled the wipes, gathered three jackets, put on six socks, applied an ounce of sunscreen, pulled out the stroller, locked and loaded three kids, handed them all a snack, but you didn’t get the water?? How could you?? I TOLD you the water was essential! 

Or even better, add my most recent exasperation on top of all of that—what you didn’t get the Isogo TV posts reformatted, reuploaded and reposted?? I was so clear that was the top priority, right?!?

No, not right. I was not clear.

Or if I was clear, it did not get through clearly to him.

Recently, my daily dose of communication blunders fell upon another key team member in our Hammond-Isogo-Work-Life-Family machine. We have two amazing young ladies who help us make business and life work around here. They take care of kids and home several days a week. They are loved by us all, and they are stellar at their work.

Last week, as one of the gals and I were comparing notes on the next time we would be seeing her, a miscommunication reared its head. I had given her a “spring break” and our dates were off.

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Instead of planning her traveling for the intended spring break, she planned her travel for the week before my own huge international business trip {like, when I need the most help ever}.

For a few moments I went into full panic mode…before I pulled it together.

For as much as I can point to this, that, and the other thing that I had done to ensure I communicated well, that fact is, I had not.

Only in retrospect {which is always so much dang clearer!} did I recognize that I had not communicated through HER lens, rather through my own.

So instead of the message flowing right through to her, it got caught in her filter and hit the wall.

Instead of engaging her Command, Adaptability, and Responsibility talents as I communicated with her {which would have succinctly painted a big picture and drew attention to the most important details), I engaged my own Achiever, Connectedness, and Arranger Strengths {which gave an interconnected idea of dates, times, and whys at a fast pace}.

And my message failed to get through. Even a fairly simple message can hit the wall when you do not stop to individualize the communication.

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This week, in Episode 23 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I address this communication conundrum head on and share The MOST Effective Communication Strategies {That Really Get Through!}. I give some real examples and ideas for how to use people’s strengths for the best communication results–that really get through the wall.

{PLUS, I introduce a free, printable resource you can use to craft your own communication that gets through the wall, so check that out below for your FREE download}

This is a topic that one of our fellow Isogo Facebook Community folks originally rose. I loved getting to think through this with you and for you.

And it helped our nanny as well!

I’ve seen it and I’m living it. So, let’s dive in!

As I mentioned in today’s video podcast, I put together a stellar, straightforward tool that can help get you started on individualizing communication that really gets through. Click on the Infographic below to get your FREE DOWNLOAD.

StrengthsFinder Communication Resource

Effective communication that really breaks through absolutely starts with identifying and understanding the natural talents and filters of the people around you. If you or your team have not yet clearly identified your strengths, you can do it today.

In 35 minutes, you’ll have a clear picture of your Top 5 Strengths from the most reliable and tested psychometric tool on the market.

Click HERE for a fabulous bundle that will take you there.



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