The Top 5 Marriage Instagram accounts we follow {& love!}

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Marriage Instagram

Instagram competes as one of the world’s fastest growing {and we think, super-savory} social network apps today. Since we launched our very own Instagram connection @isogostrong several weeks ago, we have gone head over heels for several beautiful and inspiring Marriage Instagram accounts that sit right in our same sense of mission:

“Using StrengthsFinder to fuel the marriage connection you crave, the parenting grace you need, and the work energy that flows from a happy home.”

Today, we thought we would pass these Insta-treasures on to you…our Top 5 favorite marriage focused Instagram accounts we follow, and love!



Stemming from their own experiences and all time lows, Casey and Meygan Caston began the nonprofit Marriage 365 to give couples tools and resources to thrive in their relationships, and spreading a message of hope that if you are in a struggling marriage your are NOT alone. The @marriage365 Instagram offers daily inspiration for couples and what they need to remember to have a successful relationship filled with LOVE…365 days a year!

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Tony and Michelle are the creative minds, and loving couple, behind the inspirational #staymarried blog, podcast, and Instagram. They fill the @staymarriedblog Instagram with insights from their own marriage journey, fun reminders for couples, and their own amazing resources. This is definitely a worth while Instagram!

StrengthsFinder Instagram Stay Married Stay Married IG Image 1 Stay Married IG Image 2 Stay Married IG Image 2



If you’re looking for a little clean humor about marriage, relationships, or parenthood the @marriagehumour Instagram will definitely give you a little chuckle as you scroll their images, and you may find yourself relating more often than not!

StrengthsFinder Instagram Marriage Humour Marriage Humour IG Image 1 Marriage Humour Image 2 Marriage Humour Image 3

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The focus of @themarriagementality Instagram truly comes from the heart, and is led by a couple that wants to be a voice in the mindset shift about marriage– moving it from mundane to beautiful. The Marriage Mentality mantra is “Renew your heart. Renew your mind. Renew your marriage,” and that truly resonates with the marriage message of Isogo.

StrengthsFinder Instagram Marriage Mentality Marriage Mentality IG Image 1 Marriage Mentality Image 2 Marriage Mentality Image 3



Through sharing their own hardships and happy moments on the Marriage More blog, Jeff and Mandy Rose have been able to translate their marriage experiences to the @marriagemore Instagram. Their daily motivation offers hope and guidance to struggling couples to make their marriage MORE than what it is.

StrengthsFinder Instagram Marriage More Marriage More IG Image 1 Marriage More Image 2 Marriage More Image 3


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More Marriage Instagram accounts we love!

  • @styleandpepper is the co-host of the “Marriage is Funny podcast, and Jessie and her husband are one of Isogo’s favs!
  • @marriagemindset is a faith-based Instagram account that offers insights to those who are single, engaged or married.
  • @makethevowkeepthevow comes from the married couple M.L. and Arian Moore. They offer marriage wisdom in their feed from their writing and speaking engagements.  
  • @husbandrevolution & @unveiledwife are a husband and wife duo that have separate Instagrams, and are sharing their marriage experiences from both perspectives. 
  • @wisdom4wives is a faith-based Instagram and great to follow if you enjoy marriage motivation that really reaches into the depths of your heart.

Also, don’t forget to follow on Instagram @isogostrong, and join us for daily posts to help fuel life-change in your marriage, kids & work.



Links & Resources

Follow us on Instagram @isogostrong
Casey & Meygan Caston from Marriage 365 {follow @marriage365}
Tony & Michelle from the #staymarried blog & podcast {follow @staymarriedblog}
For daily funnies follow @marriagehumour
The Marriage Mentality is a mindset shift {follow @themarriagementality}
Jeff & Mandy Rose from the Marriage More blog {follow @marriagemore}
More Marriage Instagram accounts: @styleandpepper {the Marriage is Funny podcast}, @marriagemindset, @makethevowkeepthevow, @husbandrevolution & @unveiledwife, @wisdom4wives

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As always, one of the best places to join the Strengths conversation is over at our Facebook Group — Energy Up Frustration Down by Strengths. Join us as we all try to figure out just how to use our Strengths to impact the most important things around us—in our work and life.

If you’re thinking about the way a Strengths-perspective could impact your marriage or your family or you’re just not so sure about it all, reach out, and let’s connect about it. You can catch me at FacebookTwitter or Instagram, all at @isogostrong, or by this handy contact form.

Enjoy your day, and {be strong}!

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