ITV 91 | How You Show Up :: Leaders Who Give a Damn {Part 2 of 4}

When you think about leadership and the leaders you have had, some of them may show up for you. They may be really, really good and others, well, they may have left a mark in a different way.

That is why leadership and the application of the strengths movement to the way you lead is so so important.

It impacts people’s lives.

Just like previous episode, I am super stoked about Isogo TV Episode 91, Part 2 of a four-part series called Leaders Who Give a Damn — all about effective, inspiring leadership.

Over this series, I partnered with Murray Guest. And if you know him at all, you know that he is a genius on leadership. Organizations from his home country of Australia and around the world bring Murray in to make their organizations thrive. And he does that by focusing in on their leaders and the culture they create.

Together, we get to chat about some aspects of leadership that are perhaps LEAST talked about yet have the opportunity to be MOST impactful in your role as leader

Whether you are in that role as a leader now or it is in your future, this series is for you.

Today, we get into how you show up as a leader, what impacts the way you show up and why that even matters. We chat about your family, your health, your commute into work and even about the status of your messy desk.

It’s a great one with real takeaways that you can apply right away,

So, watch+listen below or catch this conversation about Leaders Who Give a Damn on  iTunes,   YouTube,  GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

Oh, and if you’re exploring your own leadership and are curious — Are you a leader who gives a damn? You can take this quiz to find out:




Leaders that others are excited to work for and to follow, truly are those who care about how they show up. They bring a consciousness to the impact that their own physical and emotional state have on their team and the culture and environment they create.

So, as your virtual coach today, I challenge you to ask yourself some of those questions:

  • How are people affected by the way you show up?
  • What might be distracting you from showing up well?

Often it’s hard to assess — am I really a leader who gives a damn? Who cares about my people and inspires them to follow.

So, Murray and I put together a Leaders Who Give a Damn quiz to help you zero in on where you are as a leader.

Take the quiz to find out here:

Next week, join Murray and I as we chat about another one of those least talked about but most impactful elements of leadership — the art of doing less.

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