ITV 90 | How You Do the Little Things :: Leaders Who Give a Damn {Part 1 of 4}


He was being berated and belittled by his leader — in the little things and the big things. He was ready to call it quits.

In the end, he was able to use his strengths to overcome that leadership void and terror, but it doesn’t always end like that.

Leaders have the power to devalue and crush, or the power to inspire and ignite. What an impact it has, not just on the organization but on the individual.

Leadership touches individual lives.

And really, that’s the bottom line, Leadership is all about the people

I’m super stoked about Isogo TV Podcast Episode 90 and the next three to come — it is part of a four-part series called Leaders Who Give a Damn — all about effective, inspiring leadership.

Over this series, I partnered with Murray Guest who is a guru on leadership. Organizations from his home country of Australia and around the world call Murray in to make their companies thrive. And he does that by focusing in on their leaders.

Together, we are chatting about some aspects of leadership that are perhaps LEAST talked about yet have the opportunity to be most impactful in your role as a leader.

Whether you are in that role as a leader now or it’s you in the future, this series is for you.

Today, we get into the “little things” of leadership.

Great leadership is made up of all of the small, frequent behaviors that you intentionally bring into your role every. single. day.

There is a huge mindfulness component of this — like setting your intention on those little things. And, Murray leaves us all with some very practical and simple ways to starting bringing this more and more into your leadership style.

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Oh, and here is a link out to the resource great leaders are already talking about:




So there you go…leaders that others are excited to work for and to follow, truly are those who care about the little things — those daily behaviors that add up over time to make a huge impact on the the people you lead.

So, as your virtual coach today, I challenge to bring one of these little things into your role as a leader this week and see what happens.

Also, you are not going to want to miss a give-a-damn resource that Murray and I have been scheming about and putting together for you.

It is an Infographic that in one, at-a-glance page summarizes 90 behaviors of leaders who give a damn.

Other great leaders are already talking about this crowd sourced infographic — they love it and we think you will too.

You can find it at:

Next week, join Murray and I as we chat about another least talked about but most important aspect of leadership…all about how you show up.

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