ITV 84 | Improving Patient Care Using Strengths {with Margaret Smith}

isogotv episode 84 margaret smith

It is what she had always been taught. In fact, it has been taught for decades in organizational development. Assess the gap, fix it, and you’re on the track to improve engagement, safety, patient care outcomes and beyond.

In western medicine and US healthcare systems, no one blinked an eye. Of course, finding and treating the symptoms makes the most sense.

Yet, Margaret Smith found, it didn’t make sense. In the same way that people don’t thrive when we fixate on weakness, neither do healthcare organizations.

So, she decided to try something new. Instead of the gaps, she would start with strength and see where it takes her. Turned out, it took her and the entire organization, to the patient care outcomes they were looking for.

Today on Episode 84 of the Isogo TV podcast {audio + video}, Margaret joins me to share of this very journey — from deficit to strength.

Yes, we’re talking about employee engagement, yet in the end we’re ultimately talking about impacting people in their darkest toughest moments — through improved patient care.

So, jump on into the interview with Margaret! Watch+listen below or catch her interview on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

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I was struck by how contrary to common convention Margaret’s strengths based approach is in the healthcare world. Where we look naturally to fill the gaps, she advocates for a new perspective. One that is founded in what is good and right and exciting about people instead.

And she has proof that it works!

To connect with Margaret, you can find her on LinkedIn as Margaret R Smith.

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