What if I have been told these “aren’t strengths”? | Isogo TV Episode 8

I once co-facilitated a meeting with the amazing Dr. Angela Robles of the Forza Institute. As she helped the group unpack their talents and strengths, one fellow raised a hand in perplexity.

What if, my whole life, I have been told these “aren’t strengths”?

In the environment he grew up in, the way he was naturally wired was not valued. In fact, the things he did most effortlessly were often chastised or put down. He was told to control them, even suppress them.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon question. Whether by cultural bias or family standards, certain “strengths” tend to be scrutinized and downplayed.

ADAPTABILITY…doesn’t fall in line with the goal-orientation of our society.

COMPETITION…leaves others behind.

HARMONY…avoids conflict.

EMPATHY…is too gushy.

Sometimes we find that the things that are built into our natural gifting are frowned upon and not valued, even by those closest to us.

Today, in Episode 8 of Isogo TV | Live and Work your Strengths Video Podcast, I am airing my second Q&A Day. I jump into answering this question by highlighting this amazing entrepreneur turned manager who has a powerful set of Talents that haven’t always been taken as such. 

So, in the video below, I answer this all too common question, What if I have been told these StrengthsFinder talents of mine “aren’t Strengths”?

What other questions do you have about talent, strengths or StrengthsFinder? I’d love to try to answer them, and at the least start a conversation around them.

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