Make relationships easier. Fixate on strength in your family. Be a flourishing and purposeful family, by living in your strengths.

Your best opportunity for impacting your family {you, your parenting + your marriage} is to recognize your greatest talents, and learn how to use them in your everyday life.

Bring your best each day, for your kids, for your partner, for each close relationship in your life. You don’t need to feel frazzled, searching everywhere for the elusive solution to bring things together in your life.

You have the answer within you — in your own innate talents and strengths.

Isogo can Help You Get There
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What is your most comfortable “seat” as a mom?

You are the hub of the family, and your strengths are at the center.

A happy, flourishing family who connect well with each other and do well in life, starts by knowing what’s RIGHT with each person — and it starts with YOU. It’s like a shortcut. Move from uncertainty in your approach and mirroring what other moms + wives do, to meaningful actions grounded in your personal strengths. Using a process that has been proven over and over again, Isogo can partner with you to lead you to G.R.O.W.

She is acclaimed by Fortune 500 and international health, tech & creative organizations, but most of all she loves her role as a Mom of 5. Let Becky Hammond + Isogo be your Virtual Coach.


Becky Hammond

Founder, Growth & Success Maven

Becky has been speaking the language of CliftonStrengths® StrengthsFinder® in life, on the page, on stage, and at work for over 12 years. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, she empowers individuals and teams to center their unique strengths to grow and succeed. She thrives on writing, team building, creating useful resources, “ah-ha” moments, connecting over coffee, podcasting, adventuring with the fam…and a healthy dose of chocolate.


• 14+ years of health-related industry experience, the majority in management & leadership

• 6+ years coaching, training, and consulting

• One of the original 150 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

• MBA & Master of Health Sector Management from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State

• BA Psychology Summa Cum Laude from Azusa Pacific University

Are you mom-ing from the place is that is YOUR true starting place? Or do you wish you had some other tools to offer?

Whether stay-at-home, running a business, or working corporate, you can make your role as mom feel like a natural fit and come out feeling grounded, effective and present.


Join Isogo and other moms to walk through a 5 week journey to your most energizing path to mom-ing.

You know your strengths--great, that’s the first step! Yet, you know that this world is tough.

It may feel impossible at times, but you have the power to change it all. You can bring out the best in your kids, be more connected with your spouse, and make it through the lows, together, stronger.


Join Isogo and other families through an on-going journey to create the family culture and memories you want.

"As a business owner, I saw new ways to use my strengths, plus I saved a close friendship from crumbling."

Over the past three years, as I have worked with Becky and Isogo, learning to understand and really value my StrengthsFinder Strengths has transformed the way I think about running my business and has literally saved one of my closest friendships from crumbling. Parts of me that I used to think were inconsistent with the role I chose, I now see as my strategic advantage. And, the friendship I could have lost was saved because I understood the root of the hurt I was feeling (through my Strengths!), and was able to address it head on. It has certainly been life changing for me!

Melissa Grimmett
Owner | Melissa Jill Photography

"I was hesitant in my busy-ness, but I'm so glad I did it!"

I was hesitant to take the time for personal growth during the middle of yet another move. But I did it, and I'm so glad I did! Through the virtual coaching with Becky and Isogo, I was able to get to a place in my mindset in my marriage that I no longer "long for him to be different" but rather am grateful for the ways that we ARE different, and try to see the good in them rather than the frustration. It also helped in a time of personal loss, to know that my strengths play a huge part in helping me recover. Plus, I now have tools that I can use to get out of the "weekend blues" that I sometimes feel when it seems like I haven't accomplished as much as I do on the weekdays.

Breawna Eaton
Writer, Mom + Wife

"It gave me the confidence that I usually know the right answer because I have these built in talents that I can follow."

My experience with Isogo and Becky was so incredibly helpful. Sometimes when I feel useless or a little lost in my direction (like when I’m not as busy with work or personal life), I flounder and get unsure of things. But going through the Experience was a reminder of why I can feel “empty” sometimes. I should ask, have I put myself in an environment where I can have these “needs” met? Usually the answer is no. Like, I really want someone to invest in (Developer Strength)…but guess what, they won’t be knocking on my door, so I need to put myself in a situation that will facilitate that. Becky's virtual coaching gives the confidence that we usually know the right answer, because we have these built in Talents, but we need someone to hold it up in front of us in order to realize it.

Michelle Kuiken
Business Owner, Professional Organizer + Wife

"Extremely helpful in my work and my marriage in a time of transition."

In the last year my life has seen many changes—changes in location, work situation, and work balance in my marriage. After a forced end to my job as a result of relocation, I knew I also wanted a new balance in my life with both family and work, but I was unsure of what shape it should take. Through StrengthsFinder and working with Isogo to understand my Strengths, I was able to negotiate a new role at my company, allowing me to better care for my family. And it gave my wife and me a new vocabulary and toolset with which to articulate our needs to one another. So it is with a clear understanding of my Strengths that I have settled into a new home, a new career path, and a newly-solidified life after a year of changes.

Meghan James
Web Strategist & Copywriter

"I am not a newbie to strengths, and I found the virtual group coaching to be very valuable."

When I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up with Becky and Isogo, I was in a place where I was trying to discern next steps after being a full-time mom for many years and an engineer in my previous life. I wanted to be able to do something that honored and articulated who I really was, in the midst of juggling family, setting boundaries, and getting paid. I am not a newbie to strengths, and I found the virtual group coaching to be very valuable. It gave me an amazing opportunity to learn from others and encourage other people. I have loved working with Becky and the friendship we have built as a result, even though we've never met in person. I highly recommend working with Becky.

Ann H.
Engineer, Coach, Mom + Wife

"I saw some of my Talents as a negative or "not good", but now I see the positive in them."

I think for me, I saw some of my Talents as a negative or "not good" like discipline and responsibility, but you were able to help me see the positive in them and I have also since realized that for myself and my family - it works and that they are positives and truly strengths for me! Thanks for awakening me to this!

Julie G.
Mom, Fit4Mom

"Invaluable both in launching my own law firm and in my marriage and family life."

My work with Isogo has been invaluable both in launching my own law firm and in my marriage and family life. Understanding how my StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths have a direct impact on my approach to being a leader, colleague, and husband has opened my eyes to where I am now and where I’d like to take my firm and my family. Isogo’s focus on the whole person – and especially my relationship with my wife – really drove home how much control I actually have over how deeply we connect. Isogo’s insights have helped me form real strategies for my life and marriage, not just my work.

Jamin Soderstrom
Soderstrom Law PC

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