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Gallup has shown it. People who work in their strengths every day are 6x more engaged at work.

Your healthcare team can be challenging — there can be drama, trouble connecting, or maybe you just need to come together outside the day-to-day to re-energize. In healthcare, where everything you do impacts people’s lives —personally — this all matters deeply, so the stakes are high.

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Becky Hammond

Founder, Growth & Success Maven

Becky has been speaking the language of CliftonStrengths® StrengthsFinder® in life, on the page, on stage, and at work for over 12 years. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, she empowers individuals and teams to center their unique strengths to grow and succeed. She thrives on writing, team building, creating useful resources, “ah-ha” moments, connecting over coffee, podcasting, adventuring with the fam…and a healthy dose of chocolate.


• 14+ years of health-related industry experience, the majority in management & leadership

• 6+ years coaching, training, and consulting

• One of the original 150 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

• MBA & Master of Health Sector Management from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State

• BA Psychology Summa Cum Laude from Azusa Pacific University

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As your Virtual Coach, with over a decade of experience working 1-1 and in teams, Becky offers you her personal expert insights into your Top 5 CliftonStrengths® from the StrengthsFinder®. This is the perfect next step on your path to building easier relationships and feeling more effective and energized in your role. Hear from Becky and others with strengths like yours in her 10-day email coaching series.


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Use these creative + original Strengths-inspired conversation starters to fuel meaningful conversation in your team! Put away your phones, revive your conversations, and uncover stories + strengths + quirks you have never known.


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"Some huge a-ha moments in the way the team could work and communicate better together to serve patients."

Our medical staff team was challenged to create a supportive culture and helpful communication styles. We were looking for ways to enhance team work and collaboration as staff. In the past, we had tried holding team building events, crucial conversations with certain groups, and corrective action plans to address behavior issues. When we started working with Becky, things started to turn around. Staff were able to identify their strengths, and they all learned more about the strengths of their peers and co-workers. We also had some huge a-ha moments in the way these different personality types could work better together or how to communicate in a more effective manner. Becky is very professional, kind, and engaging. Her workshop experience is incredibly informative and insightful. It provides a prospective that can be applied to personal and professional relationships equally, and our team is so much better off because of it.

Julie Dudley
Business Manager | Dignity Health, Barrow Neurological Institute

"One of the best workshops I have ever attended, as a leader."

I was pleasantly surprised with the results when Becky Hammond of Isogo came in to work with our staff. In the time that Becky worked with us, we identified our individual strengths, our members' strengths, what we looked like as a whole, and how as a manager I could help my team "shine". The best part of Mrs. Hammond's workshop is the emphasis on strengths and how to develop them. This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Mrs. Hammond is extremely professional, educated and prepared. I would highly recommend Isogo for your team, family, or business.

Gina V.L.A., R.N., COO
Stephen P. Beals Skin and Laser Center

"As the Director of a medical practice, my work with Isogo has been invaluable!"

As the Director of a medical practice, my work with Isogo has been invaluable! After truly understanding the Strengths of each of my team members, I restructured the entire front office—which has led to a happier, more efficient and less stressful environment for them and for me. Personally, the negative labels that have always been associated with my Positivity Strength — “little miss sunshine” and the like! — have been substituted with a sincere understanding by my family and friends. Now, they have begun to to listen to my silver lining refrain, and they actually hear what I have to say. They see that Positivity coupled with my other Strengths produces a no quit attitude — and a TRUE smile all the way!

Patricia Glick
Director | Barrow Cleft & Craniofacial Center

"I discovered what it means to actually use my strengths to help my team and patients."

I have seen & read my StrengthsFinder report several times, but it was like reading it for the first time after first considering how others see me, and then using Becky's jumpstart terms as a clarifying lens. As in, not just "right, right, I need to approach it step by step and be friends with people at work"--eye roll--but "oh, no wonder people tell me they love it when I'm the charge nurse. I look organized even when I'm not feeling it, because I have a predictable way of approaching things and make sure everyone is feeling the importance of their own contribution, getting what they need to meet the expectation!” I had an a-ha moment that developing Strengths is not so much about "getting better at" my Talents--which, really, felt pointless to me (how does it help to get better at Empathy? I'm already good at it! Should I work on harmony by starting a kum-ba-ya session at our staff meetings? Ugh!) Rather, it's about creating or seeking out the environment in which my strengths are valuable to others and thus, appreciated by those around me. 

Lissa Walton, BSN, RN, MSN,
Nurse Educator | Swedish

"I went from career impasse to knowing exactly what would help me thrive."

When I first sought out Becky's mavenly wisdom, I felt like I was at an impasse. I loved my career, but my role within it was draining the life out of me. I never expected work to be easy, but I wanted it to feel more life-giving. Engaging with Isogo and seeing my strengths tangibly before me helped me realize why this was happening and solidified in my mind the need for change. Engaging my strengths in my work has given me insight to make decisions that bring more energy and less frustration within my career. I see more clearly how my Strengths can be a blessing.

Laurel Bruce
Speech Language Pathologist | Arizona State University

"As an entrepreneur who manages a team, knowing our Strengths has changed everything."

Isogo helped me get more clear about my strengths and how I could work better to improve my work flow. They were things I sensed to be true about myself, but it was like my eyes were opened in a whole new way—that has had a dramatic impact on both my work and the way my husband and I talk through potential conflict. As an entrepreneur who manages a team (and works with my husband every day!), knowing our Strengths has changed everything—they way we assign roles, the way we communicate, and the way I see my own leadership of them. With Isogo's help, our revenue has increased and we now enjoy our work and lives more!

Anna Runyan
CEO | Classy Career Girl

"We learned how to be more effective on a daily basis, by using our strengths."

We had the opportunity to employ Becky to do one-on-one coaching with our High Performing employees and we had phenomenal results. Everyone who worked with her said they learned a lot about themselves, how to work with others, and most importantly, how to be more effective on a daily basis utilizing their strengths. From an administrative standpoint, Becky was incredibly easy to work with so we could get straight into the exciting learning and growth that comes from her work!

Abbey Z
VP People Engagement and Development | Amobee

"As a business owner, I saw new ways to use my strengths, plus I saved a close friendship from crumbling."

Over the past three years, as I have worked with Becky and Isogo, learning to understand and really value my StrengthsFinder Strengths has transformed the way I think about running my business and has literally saved one of my closest friendships from crumbling. Parts of me that I used to think were inconsistent with the role I chose, I now see as my strategic advantage. And, the friendship I could have lost was saved because I understood the root of the hurt I was feeling (through my Strengths!), and was able to address it head on. It has certainly been life changing for me!

Melissa Grimmett
Owner | Melissa Jill Photography

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