ITV 96 | Make Relationships Easier with your Activator Strength

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The CliftonStrengths Activator strength brings an energy – a kinetic buzz – to drive things forward. If you have this then you are great at getting things going, with your need for action and movement. But what happens when you dive in head first and don’t look where you’re going? That’s where the Activator strength can get misunderstood – but it’s all about how you share your drive with those around you, and what you can bring to the team, or family.

Listen + watch Isogo TV Episode 96 to hear how you or the people around you can use the Activator strength to make relationships easier — in your family or your team!


  • A story that illuminates the power of this StrengthsFinder Activator strength {for the good or the not-so-good!}
  • Some maven insights into the ins-and-outs of the Activator strength
  • A chat about the ideal environment where a Activator strength can really show up and thrive
  • Two specific ways that you can propel your Activator strength to truly make relationships easier

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 96 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay or Stitcher.




There you have it…all about how that powerful Activator strength of yours or of those around you can make relationships easier — so that your family and team flourish just as you dream!

Next week join the Isogo TV podcast as we Make Relationships Easier through the Adaptability strength!


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