Waterbeds, Leadership + Podcasts {aka Baby Hammond FIVE is here!}

baby hammond 5 is here

This week, we added to our opportunity to live the strengths perspective in our family. Welcome to Baby Hammond #5!


Even as I write that, I can hardly believe this is our story.

Yet, here we are living in the midst of it. And it is beautiful.

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Nine months ago, I described the feeling to be exhilarating and terrifying in the same breath and laughed it off with the best of Jim Gaffigan. Now, that this little heart beat is here in the flesh, the only thing it feels is right.

Plus we know how right Jim Gaffigan is now {who also has 5 kids…living in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York}.

“Large families are like waterbed stores. They used to be super common, and now they are just weeeeeeeeird.” Haha.

So far, with this one in tow, we’re totally embracing the weird.

Hammond Party of 7

Because I so strongly believe that as leaders, we are not silo’d people — meaning that our work and home lives intricately impact each other {which we dive into in Module 7 in Leaders Who Give a Damn btw!} — I am now officially on maternity leave — doing all things baby and family and adjusting to life with winks of sleep here and there.

Plus, if we’re going to get this Baby Hammond human off to a great start, I better start focusing on her strengths!

In the meantime, you will see many of the next 34 new podcasts coming out through the end of the year and into next, all about how to make relationships easier using your own, unique Top 5 strengths.

So, if you’re not already subscribed, be sure to connect with Isogo TV Podcast on your favorite podcast app {available by video or by audio}.

In the meantime, feel free to check in on the crazy, beautiful life in a family of 7 @isogostrong or @beckyjbhammond on Instagram. Baby Hammond and I would love to hear form you.

Just keep in mind that I will likely be figuring out how to more fully stay stable in our waterbed status and might take a couple beats to get back to you.

Certainly, we’ll be enjoying the ride…in every wave.

Very truly,
Becky Hammond

Where do you sit on the mom bus? And do you embrace it? Or compare yourself away? Take the Mom on the Bus quiz to find out!

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