Does your healthcare team feel like a lot of work? You want a team that communicates well, likes coming to work, and meets their goals.

Partner with Isogo to increase ownership, collaboration, and productivity in your team by uncovering your team’s strengths.

Here’s How the Healthcare Team Workshop Experience works

A happy team who connects well with providers and patients AND meets their goals, starts by knowing what’s RIGHT with each person.

It’s like a shortcut...

When your team understands and appreciates themselves and others, you are giving them the shortest path to success — in every way.

How do you get there? That’s where Isogo comes in. Using a process that has been proven over and over again by other forward-thinking healthcare systems & teams, Isogo will partner with you to lead your team to G.R.O.W.


GAIN an understanding of your own talents. Learn your StrengthsFinder® CliftonStrengths® and how knowing those strengths is your launch pad to success and easier relationships with your team.


RECOGNIZE the talent in your team members. Discover that sometimes even their quirks are hidden forms of strength!


OPERATE from those core talents. Develop specific strategies to work effectively and compassionately — on your own and as a team.


WATCH your team shine! In the coming weeks and months, you will see your team relationships feel more effortless and your results soar to heights you are truly proud of.

Connect with Becky to learn how to customize this experience to your team’s goals + challenges. You are a leader who can help your team overcome dissension and get the results you are looking for.

Team Isogo can help.

Everyone on your team has a different filter for how they hear and what motivates them to act. As a leader, that can be frustrating.

Or, you can use it to communicate even better.

5 Step Healthcare Leader Checklist
{So You Don't Have to Repeat Yourself}

Ensure your team members hear you from their uniqueness, and get better results.