Move from coasting + comparing to present + effective in your parenting.

Are you mom-ing from YOUR best place?

Or do you wish you had some other tools to offer?

Whether stay-at-home, running a business, or working corporate, you can make your role as mom feel like a natural fit and come out feeling grounded, effective and present.

Join Isogo and other moms to walk through a 4 week journey to understanding your most energizing path to mom-ing.

Here’s what it looks like:

Mindset Matters [Are you Coasting?]

Your success path starts with defining your mindset, determining where you're coasting, and why you should shift to a strength-based mindset.


Know your Parent Path [Are you Owning?]

You are the best when you mom through strength. Learn to own your strengths so you can commit to showing up and parent with your strongest self.


Live in Strength [Are you Showing Up?]

You have something unique to offer. Get to know the contribution your unique talents and strengths bring to your family.


Moms have Needs Too [Are you Shriveling?]

You often put their needs last. But any living thing left unattended will shrivel. Feed your talents and let your strengths thrive.


Pull it Together [Are you Committing?]

Now for the pact. You've identified your strengths, your contributions, and your needs, so now you can craft your Strong Mom Commitment.


Act it Out [Are you Strong Mom-ing?]

Don't leave your hard work on the page. Learn how to center on your strengths and act daily as the Strong Mom you are.

What is Strong Mom?

Hear from a mom, just like you.

Or in the meantime…join hundreds of moms and learn your Mom Seat on the Bus! {QUIZ BELOW}

As a mom, you are on a journey. You’ve loaded up your bus — with your kids, with your partner, with other mom-friends around you — and you’re headed down the road of life.

On that Bus, as you get settled in, are you sitting in your most comfy seat — the seat from which you do your best Mom-ing? Are you the Driver, the Navigator, the Kickstarter, the Partier, or the Companion?

Moms-on-the-Bus Quiz
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