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StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup 

This discounted bundle is for you if...

  • You would love to do what you do best...every day! 
  • You want more energy in your work
  • You want a way to live with less frustration in your relationshiops 
  • You feel stuck in your work or life
  • You want laser clear direction in your career journey, that is as unique as you are
  • You hanker to take the search for the career or business of your dreams to the next level!serves a cup of coffee and a comfy chair!
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People who work in their Strengths zone every day...

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...are 6x more likely to be engaged in their everyday work.

...are 3x more likely to report a high quality of life.

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What You Will Get with your 

StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup Bundle

StrengthsFinder Assessment

Instant access to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to uncover your Top 5 Strengths.

StrengthsFinder 3 Reports

3 Personalized Gallup Reports explaining the nuances of your Top 5 Strengths

Strengths Startup

Six weekly emails about the nuances and needs of your Top 5 Strengths 

StrengthsFinder Fun Facts

Weekly word pictures, fun facts and stats about each of your Top 5 Strengths

StrengthsFinder Personalized

Don't miss this :: this is personalized uniquely to you, so you can follow YOUR Strengths to your dream career  

StrengthsFinder Strengths Startup 24

We want to make this an accessible, no-brainer as you equip yourself to live the work and life you dream of.

So, for this StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup deal, it's just $24.

We really want you to experience the life-change & career love that we know is possible! You cannot do it without this as the perfect next step.

Get StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup Now!

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